Why Check CSF Flow?

Confirmatory Rule Out Test

  • Clinical signs suggest shunt obstruction is unlikely
  • ShuntCheck “Flow Confirmed” result confirms this clinical judgment

Clarify the More Complex Cases

  • ShuntCheck results can confirm Imaging results – this is especially valuable when Imaging results are somewhat equivocal
  • ShuntCheck “Flow Confirmed” plus Imaging “Normal” or “Decreased” improves Rule Out accuracy (Negative Predictive Value, NPV) over Imaging alone
  • ShuntCheck “Flow Not Confirmed” plus Imaging “Enlarged” improves Rule In accuracy (Positive Predictive Value, PPV) over Imaging alone

Manage Broken or Disconnected Catheters

  • Asymptomatic patient or normal imaging but x-ray shows broken/disconnected catheter
  • A ShuntCheck finding of “Flow Confirmed” would indicate shunt dependency and a flow path around the disconnection.
  • But ShuntCheck “Flow Not Confirmed” might suggest a level of shunt independency warranting repeat testing and further evaluation